Today we will take up the second yoga pose in this new year 2010.  Since we started the new year with an auspicious pose Svastikasana, we will continue with another pose which is also considered as quite spiritual in the Yoga world.

The pose is Anantasana. This pose is considered highly spiritual because it is named after the sleeping position of Lord Vishnu.

However, Anantasana is relatively easy as compared to the other yoga poses and has certain benefits:

  • Practicing of Anantasana improves balancing capabilities.
  • Anantasana also stretches the hamstrings and calves, improving blood circulation and also cures any muscle pull.

Anantasana is a highly relaxing pose and since it is such an easy pose, that you don’t need to be cautious about any of the moves of this yoga exercise.

See how it is easily done:


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