Ardha Halsana


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It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that I have received a huge number of mails from my blog visitors on Halasana, the pose that we last discussed. I am very glad that they took the pains to perform this pose. The proof that they have really tried to do the Indian Plough Pose is the fact that a huge number of people failed to perform it correctly and found it difficult.

It is true that a beginner-level yogi will find it difficult to perform Halasana. The new yogis should first perform Ardha Halasana correctly. Ardha Halasana is the simplified version of Halasana and it comes from the Sankrit word “Ardha” meaning “Half”. Hence, this pose is also known as the Half Plough Pose.

Ardha Halasana is similar to Halasana, the only difference being it is performed using one leg at a time rather than both the legs together. This pose also needs to be practised on an empty stomach. However, one has to take care of the fact that the legs should not shake while performing Ardha Halasana and the back should be as close to the floor as possible.

Like Halasana, women should not practice Ardha Halasana during menstruation and after the third month of pregnancy.

The Half Indian Plough Pose has several benefits — Ardha Halasana builds up the elasticity of the muscle in the abdominal area. It helps to rid the stomach and intestines of gas and eliminate constipation. Besides, the most important benefit being, it prevents hernia.

Here is how you do Ardha Halasana:


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