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I am back after a long break. In my last two blogs, I stressed upon the importance of yoga for the children and how kids involved in sports can get additional benefits through yoga. This week, I will return to some yoga poses.

Well, since we are talking about children and kids, let us then take up a pose which is known as The Child Pose. The yogic name of this pose or exercise is Balasana. This is a kind of relaxation position in between the yoga exercises. Since “Bala” in Sanksrit means “child”, hence Balasana is popularly known as The Child Pose.

Balasana when exercised provides relaxation to the exhausted mind and body.  It stretches the knees, thighs, ankles, lower back and hips. The Child Pose also relieves back and neck pain, and also strengthens the spine.

After attaining the final position in this asana, a person resembles a small child. Due to this reason, the pose looks very simple and easy. However, Balasana can prove dangerous if you are  suffering from diarrhea. Also, pregnant women should strictly avoid this pose. In some cases, a person suffering from knee injury should also avoid this pose.

Click on this link to do Balasana:


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