Becoming a Yoga Teacher


I often get people asking about how one should go about becoming a yoga teacher. Many people fall in love with yoga and decide that they want to quit their day job and teach yoga. Often these people have only been practicing for a short time and don’t really have the essence of yoga within them. My response to them is that they should need to spend more time practicing, incorporating a yoga lifestyle into their daily life. It is helpful to find a teacher who can show you the path.

Once the person feels that they have enough experience to teach, it is important to find a quality teacher training program.  There are hundreds all over the world. The first question is if you can immerse  yourself in a full time program, or would a part-time course be more suitable? Also it is important to decide how long the course is.  Most yoga training are either 200, 350, or 500 hour courses.  To become certified in Australia, one needs to do a 350 hour course. This is probably the minimum for someone series about teaching yoga. Then one needs to make the commitment, as it is a huge undertaking to become a yoga teacher.

Once you have completed the training, it is important to find someone who you can become an apprentice to. Someone who will teach the important aspects of yoga teaching and guide you and give you confidence. The last important ingredient is Karma, without Karma pointing you in the right direction, you will never be able to succeed as a yoga teacher.


  1. I deeply appreciate how you’ve respected time, karma, relationship in the process of becoming a teacher. I am on the verge of a teacher training (anybody that can help financially will win instant karma and a life long friend!)

    I think I knew, from my first practices, that I wanted to teach. Maybe not ‘teach’, but that I wanted to experience the level of training and practice involved in the path of teaching. I wanted to learn.

    But it has taken me years to finally arrive at a place where I am ‘ready’. Of course, I thought I was ready a long time ago, but I’ve had to do some serious humility work and respecting of the universe. I was not ready.

    Yoga saved my life. It has brought me out of alcoholism, a severely abusive relationship, and a lifetime of ‘major depression’. None of that happened over night. None of it happened as I expected it would. But yoga has brought me from a place of fear and self-loathing to a deep space of wonder, respect, and connectedness. Now, I do want to teach. I can’t keep the good unless I give the good away.


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