Detox The Yoga Way


Fasting as a remedy is completely harmonious with the philosophy of “nature-cure”.¬† Fasting eliminates unnecessary toxins in the body, thus purifying the body, mind and soul. Once in a week a mild fasting may be undertaken which would make us realize the importance of food.. The more you detox , the clearer you make the energy channels and the greater the effects of the Yoga practice on your system .The state of relaxation brought about by yoga causes the healing, restorative parasympathetic nervous system to take over from the autonomic nervous system, and the body starts to clean and heal itself.

Fasting allows our digestive system to recover from the abuse: from eating too much, eating unhealthy foods or eating at the wrong time. It also allows us to get rid of toxins in our body.

Fasting should not be an excuse to do some mild exercise. Take a walk every day, but avoid strenuous activities like jogging. Practice Asanas and give time for Meditation. Fasting should not also prevent you from accomplishing your daily tasks. Don’t just lie down doing nothing just because you are fasting.

Only after about 3 days of Fasting will you begin to see its benefits: increased mental energy, enhanced concentration and improvement in some senses. That is why longer fasts are required for the ultimate Fasting experience.

Fasting is beneficial physically, mentally, and spiritually. And good physical, mental and spiritual health is what Yoga  is all about.


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