Get Rid of The Double Chin


Double chin is very unattractive and spoils the look of even the most attractive face. The cause of the double chin is excess fat which gets accumulated around your neck just the way it gets accumulated around your belly. That’s the reason why double chin is found mostly among the fat and obese people. The only safe and natural way to get rid of this unwanted feature is through exercise. Only exercise can shed those extra kilos form your body which in turn will help you loose that double chin of yours!

You can go to the gym and exercise but I prefer Yoga.Yoga is the most efficient means of loosing weight. Yoga is an ancient exercise which has got spiritual qualities in it. It has got both physical and psychological benefits. Yoga makes the spine flexible, firms the skin, removes tension and makes you healthy overall. One can try out the following poses to reduce double chin:

Another simple exercise you can is:

  1. Position yourself on a chair in front of the mirror and then look up to the ceiling.
  2. From that position, stretch your neck to look over the right shoulder and then follow it by doing the same over your left.
  3. Finally bring your neck to look in front and lower it to touch it to your clavicle bone.
  4. But remember to do this extremely slowly to get results.


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