Kundalini Yoga To Detox And Destress


Maya Fiennes, a fitness expert with MyYogaOnline.com has come up with a very unique way of relieving stress and detoxifying.She has devised a special program which uses movement, breath, mantras and chants which helps in renergizing the body, relaxing your mind and strengthening your body’s stress defenses. Maya’s classes have received a lot of appreciation from people. Her classes are full of fun and inspiration. She also runs yoga workshops and retreats at home and abroad.¬† To get access to her videos join MyYogaOnline.com.


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Maya Fiennes is a fitness expert . In order to relieve her stress she uses many different kinds of movements,breath , mantras ans chants.
This not only makes her stressfree but also energizes her body and relzxes her mind.
She is a muscian as well as a performer .Maya runs a yoga class which is based on Kundali style which was first brought in the west in 1960.
Maya's class has recieved a lot of appreciation from people.Her classes are ful of fun and inspiration.She also runs yoga workshops and retreats at home and abroad.


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