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Now that we have discussed the benefits of yoga and the proper way to attend a yoga class, let us now begin with the yoga poses. The first yoga pose which I am going to take up is Padmasana or the Lotus Pose. This the most classic yoga pose and is even recognized outside the yoga community.

Padmasana is known as the Lotus Pose because  here the arrangement of your hands and feet resemble a lotus  . While the two feet placed upon the opposite thighs respectively  resemble the leaves, the two hands placed one over the other resembles the lotus in full bloom.

Padmasana has enormous benefits. Practicing this pose helps to reduce the excess fat in abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Moreover, this posture helps to strengthen the thighs and calves and also provide elasticity to the hamstring muscles. Padmasana also promotes a ricc supply of blood to the organs in the pelvic and the abdomino-genital regions.

But one important thing which has to be noted here is that although Padmasana is the most classical pose of yoga, its an advanced yoga pose and so beginners might find it difficult to do.

To learn how to do Padmasana, click on this link:


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