Savasana – The Corpse Pose

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“Sava” means ‘corpse’ in Sanskrit. In this asana the whole body is relaxed by remaining motionless just like a dead body.



Find a calm and serene place.
Dress comfortably.
Spread out a mat and lie down on it on your back.
Stretch out your legs and keep it adequately apart.
Put your hands about a foot away from the body on either side.
Keep the knees flexed.
Keep the palms upturned and relax your fingers.
Drop your chin and sag your lower jaw.
Relax your mouth and let the teeth be apart.
Close your eyes gently.
Continue normal breathing without regulating its rhythm.
Continue lying on the floor in this state like a corpse.
Free your mind of all thoughts and worries.
Relax your entire body and mind.
Starting from the head, picture each part of the body and relax it by letting go.
Concentrate on your breathing and forget about other parts of your body.
The total relaxation phase is that moment from where you’ll realize nothing, feel nothing, hear nothing, sense nothing and your mind will be in a blank state.
Regain alertness and take a few deep breaths.
Join your legs slowly and bring the arms closer to the sides of the body.
Open your eyes and get up slowly by first stretching the hands and legs.
Sit up and then stand.



Always practice in a calm dark place.
Do not move any part of your body unless needed for relaxation.
Do not yawn at any point of time while practicing the pose.



This is the best asana to attain relaxation of mind and body.
The pose can serve as a stress buster.
It helps improve your work efficiency.
It rejuvenates your body.
Regular practice of Savasana helps overcome insomnia.
The physical and mental stress and strain during a hectic day can be suitably addressed through a few minutes practice of Savasana.
Savasana helps overcome fatigue.
Savasana alleviates headache, angina pectoris and dyspepsia.
Different pains and aches are effectively healed.
Spinal abnormalities are rectified.


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