First,  let me wish you all a very happy new  year.  Sorry, I could not post for a few days as I was fully immersed into new year revelry. In fact, the celebration mode is still on and hence, today in my first post of 2010, I will take up a pose which is considered as an auspicious sign in Yoga world.

The pose is Svastikasana. “Svastika” in Sankrit means “auspicious” and that is why this pose is known as the auspicious pose. Svastikasana when split into “Su-asti-ka” also means ” being well and healthy”.

In this pose, one has to sit properly on the ground with the soles of the feet between the opposite thighs and knees and the body fully erect. One needs to  sit straight and keep the supine erect to avoid back injury. Also, the soles of the feet should be between the thigh and the calf muscles to avoid calf and hamstring injury.

Svastikasana has several benefits: It increases balance in body and mind. It helps to maintain normal body temperature. It tones the abdominal muscles and the sciatic nerve. It also  improves the strength of the backbone.

Click here to know how to do Svastikasana:



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