Today, we will take up the Mountain Pose or Tadasana.  “Tada” in Sanskrit means “mountain” and that is why this pose is popularly known as the Mountain Pose. The most interesting thing about this pose is that though it is the starting position  for several standing poses, it is practiced separately as well.

Tadasana is  primarily a balancing act where your feet are together and hands at the sides of the body. Though this pose may seem very easy, it has to be remembered that since it is a balancing pose, if done hastily can lead to serious injuries. One has to exercise caution while doing this asana and try not to lose balance. Any kind of jerk can hurt the yogi. Besides, people having reeling sensation or whirling complaints should avoid Tadasana.

The Mountain Pose has enormous benefits. The most important one is that it improves height and corrects posture as the spine becomes flexible. Tadasana improves respiration and helps in digestion.  It tones up the leg muscles and strengthens knees, ankles and thighs. Tadasana also helps in relieving sciatica and reduce flat feet.

Click on this link to do Tadasana:



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