The India Spirit Journey


Recently, I lead a life changing pilgrimage to the Indian Himalayas. It was a journey to the magical kingdom of Ladakh, which borders Tibet, China and Pakistan.  26 of us ventured for 17 days in 3 buses.  IMG_8785We began the journey in Dharamasala which is the spiritual home of his holiness the Dalai Lama!  From there, we went to the tantric temples of Padma Sambhava who brought Tibetian Buddhism from India to Tibet.  We then gathered in Manali and had an amazing time visiting waterfalls and having Tibetian Pulsing workshops!!  From there we spent 3 days traveling overland through the Indian Himalays to Ladakh.  We then had a 3 day no-mind festival that blew all of our minds.  The conclusion of the journey was all of us sitting with HH the Dalai Lama for a Kala Chakra Initiation!!


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