The Power of Tantra


Tantra often conjurers up images of people having sex in a spiritual way.  The truth is is that tantra is an ancient aspect of yoga and is one of the original schools of yoga.  It was concerned with activating and controling the vital life force that is the energy behind the sexual attraction and the main driver in most people’s actions.  Instead of driving people’s desires and thoughts into the sub-conscious, tantra acts to bring these energies to the forefront of ones mind and allow the energies to be harnessed for the amazing power that it contains.

Often in this day and age, people assume that tantra is just about sex, but the truth of the matter is much deeper.  One must be very careful to discriminate between ‘new age’ tantra and classical tantra.  If you are interested in finding more, I suggest finding an accomplished teacher who has walked the path, but make sure you enter with both eyes open.  There is often a temptation to step in the deep end and become attached to a teacher.


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