Why Resort To Yoga To Cut Flab

  1. Yoga offers a highly directed and target specific means for losing weight, for eg. if one wants to reduce one’s waistline or hips, particular yoga’s are available for achieving the same.
  2. Doing yoga decreases stress and anxiety, improves flexibility parallely increasing muscle tone and strength. Joint pain is the pet peeve of the overweight; yoga can help by improving the body’s alignment minimizing strain on joints by allowing the frame to bear more of the body’s weight. Yoga develops balance, reducing the likelihood of injuring oneself in a fall.
  3. Overweight people often feel disconnected from their bodies — yoga promotes mind-body synchronization, which can improve self-image and acceptance of the body. Most importantly, yoga can help you feel better, both improving your physical fitness and elevating your mood.
  4. It won’t make you anorexic or ultra slim. It is simply meant to proportionate your body weight in accordance to your height and lifestyle.
  5. Yoga is free from side effects.
  6. Yoga directly influences the metabolism of body by acting upon several hormonal secretions in the body.
  7. Apart from weight reduction, yoga also offers incentives in achieving a better muscle tone and vitality.
  8. Most weight loss diets and pills are harmful in some way or the other and only bring temporary results. For long term weight loss one needs to explore the root cause and make changes in one’s lifestyle. Yoga offers this opportunity.


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