Yoga and Men


Hi friends,

I received a lot of E-mails after we discussed Tadasana and Balasana. Most of these mails were regarding these poses only. However, one interesting mail which I received from one John Pitt from New Jersey caught my attention.

John has raised a very valid point. He wrote, “I always hear so much about yoga. But most of these are about women.  Is Yoga a female thing? If not, then  what do you think yoga has to offer men?”

Well my friend John, you are true to certain extent. Most of the yoga articles and sites cater to female readers and hence tend to ignore the ‘male’ part of it. However, yoga is very much for men too.

Men are usually known to be engaged more in physical activities and hence need to be strong, both physically and mentally. This is where yoga comes into play. Asanas help men to offset any physical irregularities that they may have acquired from strenuous tasks. Pranayamas help men to listen to their inner voice and develop a positive view on life.

Yoga is a full workout of the body and is no less beneficial when compared to working out in a  gym.  Besides, yoga helps men to get rid of stress and lower the risk of heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure. Yoga is a mind-body experience unlike the aerobic or gym sessions where its more physical than mental.

Ironically,  though  yoga in the west has  largely been practiced by women, it needs to be noted that most of the yoga masters in India (the place from where yoga has originated) are men.


  1. I enjoyed this article and have recently came to my dream of a yoga studio. I want to add men to the class and was so glad to read your article. Men need this as much as we ladies and I will be a voice in my area for this.
    Relaxation is needed by all, no matter the gender. Do you have any suggestions for class for men?


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