Ajapa Yoga
Provides history and theory of this method of enhancing meditation through control of sound. Also includes biographies of the gurus, list of ashrams and centers, calendar of events, recommended reading.
Experience Love
The Voice for Love offers resources for hearing God's Voice within, including meditation for beginners , guided meditations, Christian counseling and inspirational daily quotes.
Guided Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Zone
One of the largest free Yoga & Meditation Portals on the web. Offers free online Yoga and Meditation classes for health, happiness and wisdom. Emphasis on Self-Realization.
Learn meditation and yoga meditation with guided meditation techniques, tips and video tutorials to help you in your practice.
The Guided Meditation Site
Are you ready to experience total relaxation and inner peace?Come and learn how to meditate, listen to meditation music, and experience the bliss of guided meditations at The Guided Meditation Site.
Yoga Meditation
The site is devoted to presenting the ancient teachings of Yoga Meditation in simple, understandable and beneficial ways.
Ananda Yoga Centre
Learn Yoga and Meditation in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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