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Advanced Yoga Practices
On-line lessons, instructional books and forums on the AYP open source system of yoga practices covering deep meditation, spinal breathing pranayama techniques, mudras and bandhas, tantra and more.
Exercise DVDs
An incredible dance DVDs, CDs, & video collection full of moves will get your heart rate pumping and shape the waistline, hips, thighs, glutes and especially the core! Checkout our exciting dance ,DVDs, child fitness DVDs, and wellness videos for all!
Prana specializes in life coaching, spiritual counseling & therapeutic yoga, offering private sessions, workshops & retreats in Portland, Maine & world-wide.
River Maya
YOGA - Everything you have always wanted to know about yoga. A complete online guide to yoga practices, exercises, meditation and more.
Sahaja Yoga in Ukraine
Get your self-realization, spiritual forces awakening experience, meditation.
Spiritual inspiration for spiritual growth.
Pregnancy yoga
Women/pregnancy/pre and post-natal yoga
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