Yoga For A Healthy Heart


Yoga serves as good exercise, as it’s gentle and it does not strain the heart and other organs. Doctors are discovering more and more benefits of incorporating Yoga for a healthier you. Yoga has been found to give relief in a  host of diseases. It has also been found to be beneficial is in the treatment and care of heart disease. Besides Yoga helps increase metabolism and is very rejuvenating.

There are certain yoga poses and breathing techniques which can be picked up easily and when practiced regularly can help to treat certain heart diseases.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana has been found to treat certain heart diseases. Triangle Pose or Trikonasana and Warrior Pose are great cardiovascular exercises and provide stamina. These can be learnt easily. Another beneficial pose is the Vajrasana.

Pranayamas or Yogic Breathing can also be helpful in this regard.  Kapal Bhati requires that you breathe in rapid succession while consciously controlling the movements of the diaphragm. This exercises the entire respiratory system forcing higher oxygen absorption in a short time. This ensures richer blood to reach cardiovascular muscles regardless of its quantity, thus removing the major complaint.

List of Asanas beneficial for your Heart

Incorporate Yoga along with medication in your lifestyle for a healthier heart. However it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking up any kind of exercises.



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