Yoga For Sports


Yoga has got multiple benefits to offer us all. The most significant benefit is that it increases the flexibility of our body besides other benefits which enhances our ability in sports too.

Ahletes can benefit by increasing mobility in the joints, thus increasing range of motion for overall enhanced performance. An athelete will thus be able to reach farther, fall harder while preventing and minimizing injuries because their muscles have a memory (like a rubber band) from the deep stretching obtained in practicing yoga on a regular basis.

Many athletes are having more injuries that require surgery because of the increased focus on strength training with weight resistance.  This method for increasing strength and muscle mass is highly effective and efficient , yet it dramatically decreases flexibility. However, if yoga or other types of prolonged stretching are practiced in combination with strength training and practical application exercises (using the body in a way that mimics the movements of their particular sport, while performing a balancing or core movement), injury can be minimized during engagement in other competitive sports that call for the athlete to be more spontaneous with their bodies, calling for overextended reaches, lunges, falls, etc., all of which increase the odds of injury, opposed to the safety of controlled mechanical motion used in weight room workouts.

To sum it up, yoga can benefit sportsman in the following ways:

  • Strengthens deep connective tissue preventing or minimizing injury.
  • Creates overall body flexibility. Increases range of motion and mobility.
  • Improves circulation, massages internal organs and glands for optimum health.
  • Enhances sensory acuity, mental focus, concentration, mental clarity, will power, and determination. When doing yoga as a team it enhances team synergy and team chemistry.


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