Yoga For Stretch Marks


Pregnancy one of the two causes of stretch marks, the other is weight gain. The stretch marks occur when your skin is stretched to the utmost, which occurs when growth is so rapid that your skin’s elastic fibers, often stretch marks can also be caused by some hormonal problems, certain diseases, and medications.

Yoga has several exercises and postures that work wonders on health and during pregnancy conditions. Varying widely in applications and style, the exercises gently stretch and explore all the parts of your body. Scientists do not know exactly how yoga produces its healthful effects. Some say it works like other mind-body therapies to reduce stress, others believe it helps reducing stretch marks. Performing yoga will surely help reducing the stretch marks occurred, being a type of an exercise it is not harmful. However, it is recommended that you follow the yoga under the expert guidance.

You can learn more about post natal Yoga exercises, right here:


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      I just took over the Blog, so did not write this article. Perhaps you could contribute some scientific information about the benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

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