Yoga in Ten Minutes


However hard we try it still is a big thing to incorporate any kind of exercise regimen onto our daily life. here are a few ways you can squeeze in yoga into your daily life while going about your daily chores and routine work.

Multitasking breathing
You can practice your pranayamas while reading the newspaper or you emails. As you are reading focus on your breathing. Inhale slowly and exhale out slowly taking about double the time you take to inhale.This helps in relieving your stress and keeps you calm throughout the day.

Upper Body Stretch
You can give your upper body simple stretches. Interlock your fingers behind your head while you are seated on a chair. Release the tension from your shoulders and elbows. Close your eyes and think of happy moments with a smile. This will help relax your body.

Lower Body Stretch

With your hands on the edge of something firmly in place like a desk or table, stand back with your feet apart. Drop your head and chest and then breathe, relaxing your shoulders.

Leg Stretches
Stand with your feet apart and hands stretched on the sides. bend your right leg at the knee and move your body towards the right.  Keep your left leg straight and placed firmly on the ground. Return to straight standing position after about 30 seconds. Repeat the same on the left side.

These are just a few simple and easy poses that can be taken up, if time is a big issue with you. You can contact local yoga studio to find out which else simple yoga poses can you take up. Take your first step towards a healthier you today.



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