Yoga to Relieve Knee Pain


Knee pain is very common and is not restricted to only older people but young people also suffer from it. It is found mostly among people of all the ages especially who are above the age of 40. Every year doctors gets immense number of knee patients. Surgeries are helpful in relieving knee pain. However, one can always opt for Yoga to get rid of knee pain the natural way.

There are quite a few reasons behind knee pain. Some of these reasons are obesity, old age, knee injury, harsh exercise, tight muscles or the combination of the above factors.
Yoga is the ideal way to get rid of knee pain. Some of the asanas which can give relief from knee pain are mentioned below. These asanas brings about flexibility in the joints and increases the strength of the muscles which supports the knee.

  1. Staff pose (Dandasana)
  2. Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  3. Half Squat Pose (Utkatasana Pose)
  4. Simple Balancing Pose
  5. Half frog pose (Ardha Bhekasana)

You must practice yoga poses with caution because any pose done incorrectly can harm your knees. There are many other poses which can treat your painful knees. For more information about yoga poses visit –


  1. Hello sir/ Madam, gudmorng.
    im havng pain in my kenee, as i got accident but aftr dat im touch few exercise.
    getng well too. evn m taking food supplimnts of Amway.. kindly do help ne in this regard.

    gud day
    with regards
    Mrs S. kothiyal

  2. Knee problem is quite common among people because of various reasons. Out of which today’s life style plays an important role for instance old age,obesity,knee injury etc. in exaggerated the knee problems.yogic practices helps in relieving this problem.there are quite effective yogic practices tat help in removing these problems .
    tank you for sharing such valuable information


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